Jewellery Care

Your Jewellery is built to be durable and we want you to wear and enjoy! However, gold, platinium and even diamonds can be damaged and will experience some level of wear and tear. Here are some common rules to help protect your jewellery:
  • Avoid wearing fine jewellery while taking part in activities likely to cause excessive wear and tear such as working out at the gym or doing heavy work. Such activities can result in damage or can cause your jewellery to require restorative professional cleaning.
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals such as those found in household cleaning products and some hair care products can be harmful to your jewellery so it is best to avoid wearing your jewellery where it may come into contact with these substances.
  • Chlorine in most swimming pools can degrade gold alloys so it is important to remove your jewellery before going in the water, Swimming with rings on can be risky in general as water tends to shrink and lubricate fingers leading to possible loss.
  • Jewellery items should be stored carefully when not in use to avoid contact with other jewellery as diamonds can scratch anything, including other diamonds.